• African Golf and Travel Services

Services we offer

Specialized Golf Tours

These golf travel services focus on organizing tours that are specifically designed for you, the golf enthusiasts. We curate itineraries that include visits to renowned golf courses and provide opportunities for golfers to experience different playing environments and challenges. These tours cater for golfers of varying skill levels and may include professional guidance or coaching.

Individual Golf Vacations

This service caters for the individual golfer who prefers personalized golf experiences. It involves organizing tailored vacations based on the preferences, including destination selection, accommodation arrangements, tee time bookings, and other golf-related activities. The service ensures that your vacation aligns with your specific needs and desires.

Golf Group Travel and Golf Round Trips

This service is geared towards groups of golfers who wish to travel together and play golf in different locations. It involves planning and organizing golf-focused itineraries that accommodate the needs of the entire group. This can include arranging transportation, accommodation, tee times, and other activities to ensure a seamless golfing experience throughout the trip.

Safari Trips

In addition to golf, you can explore and experience wildlife and nature to destinations known for their safari adventures. We combine golfing excursions with safari activities, providing you with a chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and wildlife of the region while enjoying your favourite sport.

Spa & Wellness

These golf travel services go beyond the golf course and incorporate elements of relaxation and wellness into the itinerary. These trips combine golfing with spa treatments, fitness activities, and other wellness experiences. Rejuvenate and unwind after your rounds of golf.

Wine Tasting Excursions

Combine golf with wine tasting experiences, particularly in the Western Cape, renowned for their vineyards and wineries. These excursions provide a unique blend of golf and culinary experiences, appealing to golfers with a taste for fine wines.


Golf Coaching

For those looking to improve their golfing skills, these services offer professional coaching and instruction. They provide golfers with access to experienced golf coaches who can offer personalized training sessions, swing analysis, and guidance to enhance the game.

These services may be incorporated into golf vacations or provided as standalone coaching programs.

Handicap Facilitation

This service assists the golfer to obtain their official handicap.

Travel Arrangements

These services handle all the logistical aspects of the golf travel experience. Taking care of flight bookings, transportation arrangements, accommodation reservations, and other travel-related details.